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Q1 :Does Hot Toys have an estimate on how many Ironman figures will be produced based on the Ironman3 movie.
A1: There really ism a planned number. It all depends on sales and fan reaction. We’ve just started the pre-ordering for (Ironman) Heart breaker (MK17), Silver centurion(MK33) and Tony Stark (Mandarin Mansion Assault Version) and the reaction has been very positive. After the Hong Kong Ani-Com 2013 will see the release of War Machine, Iron Patriot, BD ver, Red Snapper (MK35), Igor (MK38), Gemini(MK39), etc. And then we’ll see where we go from there. All I can say is it really depends on the sales, but hope we can continue the series a little longer. Right now, there’s a high chance to see Pepper Potts being made.



Q2: The Crow Eric Draven figure has received a lot of attention. lately: what’s the story behind this figure?
A2: The Crow was a character that we wanted to work on At the beginning of 2013, a friend of mine wanted to introduce me to a company and said they hold some interesting licenses that would make great Hot Toys figures It was this opportunity that granted us access to The Crow license.


Q3: There has been a rumor that the release of The Crow figure is to serve as a companion piece for Hot Toys’ previous Bruce Lee release to form a “father&son” pair. How would you comment on that?
A3: We really didn’t purposely plan it that way. We talked about making The Crow at the beginning of the year but we weren’t able to sign licensing documents until a few months ago, So we pretty much had to rushed through the prototype production afterwards and having the prototype in July. To be honest, we’ve always wanted to make The Crow because it‘s a legendary character in addition to the actor portraying the Crow is none other than Brandon Lee – Bruce Lee’s son. This has been one of our goals and it’s a joy that we are able to achieve it.

Q3:クロウフィギュアのリリースは、 “父と息子”のペアを形成するために、ホットトイズの以前のブルース·リーリリースのコンパニオンピースとして機能するという噂がありました。どのようにそれについてコメントするでしょうか?
A3:私たちは本当に意図的にそのように計画していませんでした。私たちは、今年の初めにクロウすることについて話しましたが、我々は数ヶ月前までは、ライセンス文書に署名することができませんでした、だから我々はかなりその後試作を通して急いでしなければならなかった、7月にプロトタイプを持つ。それが描いた役者に加えて伝説のキャラクターをi’saので、正直に言うと、我々は常にクロウブランドン·リーに他ならないクロウを作りたかった – ブルース·リーの息子。これが我々の目標の一つとなっている、それは我々がそれを達成することができることを喜びます。


Q4: During our last interview you mentioned that the Ironman series would become a great franchise similar to the Gundam franchise in Japan. This has proven to be true as there are now more companies joining in to create more Ironman products in different
sizes and scale. Will Hot Toys consider expanding their products lines for Ironman? For example: besides 1:6, will we see 1:4 or 1:12 scale Ironman figures from Hot Toys?
A4: 1 don‘t think we will persuade in that direction. As fans can see the 1:6 is still every strong focus in the market. Most of the companies doing 1:4 scale or 1:12 are doing so because they weren’t able to acquire the 1:6 scale license. Besides that, how about their price points and product quality? These are important points customers will consider before they make their purchase.
Still, this is the reality of business. Disney/Marvel will allow companies to create products for their characters Perhaps toy companies) have paid a huge sum for Hot Toys will continue to take pride on our product quality. We’re made various action figures from different movie licenses and our focus has always been the same We still spend a lot of time on creating each action figure. Despite the fan that there are more companies trying to mimic our success, to have such high standard craftsmanship requires a lot investment in time and experience.



Q5: Continuing from the last question. Now that Disney has bought Marvel did this purchase affect the licensing in any way?
A5: It hasn’t really affected us much We believe our history of high quality products developed a strong positive brand image. Our sales have been very satisfying for both sides of the party On the business side, although there have been many other brands joining the merchandising of the popular Marvel movies, this does not guarantee that can achieve the same level of success, The deciding factor is your brand image and the consistency of delivering the same high quality products We have worked hard on maintaining our high standards. You can say we have been very strict with ourselves. Every year we want to outperform what we achieved the year before This is why we don‘t feel like we need to be concerned (of competition). Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios has been very supportive to us and he’s also a fan of Hot Toys products. In fact, it was Kevin’s suggestion to name our recent announced Tony Stark figure the “Mandarin Mansion Assault Version”. ll really affect us positively. His willingness to photograph and interview with us gave us a great sense of recognition. We are. glad that Marvel Studios loves Hottoys. To be honest. with more competitors showing up. in some point it does affect us but I feel like we’re all just doing our own thing. There are similar product(lronman) in the market from 1:4 to 1:12 scale. But if you look at those companies previous releases, their background aren’t related manufacturing high end products at all and are usually more simpler designs like deformed/cartoonist and scales Customers can check out the products and make their own decisions.

A5:それは本当に私たちに多くの我々は、高品質の製品の私達の歴史は強い正のブランドイメージを開発信じるに影響を与えていません。人気のマーベル映画のマーチャンダイジングへの参加、他の多くのブランドが、この成功の同じレベルを達成することができるという保証はありませんがあったものの、当社の売上高は、ビジネス面では、党の双方のために非常に満足でしたが、決め手ですあなたのブランドイメージと、私たちは、高い水準を維持することに懸命に働いたものと同じ高品質の製品を提供するという一貫性。あなたは、私たちが自分自身で非常に厳格であった​​と言うことができます。我々は(競争の)気にする必要があるよう我々は感じていない、なぜ我々はこの前の年に達成何をアウトパフォームしたい毎年です。マーベルスタジオのケビン・フェイグ、社長は私達にとって非常に支持されていて、彼はまた、ホットトイズ製品のファンです。実際には、それはトニースタークフィギュア”マンダリンマンションアサルトバージョン”を発表しました我々の最近のに名前をケビンの提案でした。本当に私たちを積極的に影響を及ぼすでしょう。私達が付いている写真やインタビューへの彼の意欲は私たちの認識の偉大な感覚を与えた。我々はされています。マーベルスタジオはHottoysを愛しているのが嬉しい。正直に言うと。より多くの競争相手が現れた。どこかの時点でそれは私たちに影響を与えませんが、我々は単に私たち自身のことをやっているすべてのように私は感じる。 1:4と1/12スケールの市場での同様の製品(アイアンマン)があります。あなたがそれらの企業が以前のリリースを見ればしかし、その背景には単純設計は/マンガとスケールお客様変形より通常のようなものは全くハイエンド製品を製造し、関連していないと、製品をチェックアウトして、自分の意思決定を行うことができます。


Q6: Are there any differences between the licensing of DC and Marvel? If so, how?
A6: DC is more respectful to their licensee. recognize us as a company that delivers high standard quality. They understand us more and do have our best interest in mind. They try to protect us from direct or indirect competition.


Q7: In my opinion, Hot Toys has developed a very positive image. From improving your pie-order system to processing VIP/non-VIP orders, the results have been favorable How much time was spent to plan out these new ideas,
A7: We’ve spent quite some time working out this new system, Still we hear some negative feedback? There are rumors that suspect us purposely having customers lining up for hours (To give out a highly sought out, heavily in demand illusion in Hong Kong). Hot Toys have great sales numbers and we don‘t need this kind of superficial act. We spend a lot of time and effort to build the display booths for the conventions. Why would we want to have line ups in front of our booth blocking the view? We are very confident with our brand and products. I think the situation is that encountered a lot of loyal customers that weren’t able to purchase our exclusive products while an increasing number of scalpers are hoarding them and reseling them at a high price. This had deeply damaged our image which lead to the Ani-Com HK feeling concern about how this would affect their image too and decided to cease any type of limited exclusive editions being sold at the convention. We agree to what they say which is why we thought of new methods to distribute these exclusives. (By “pre-ordering” and “pick up on site”,similar to SideShow at SDCC) There’s really no way to stop scalpers and we do our best to provide our loyal customers a fair chance of purchasing these valuable toys. We random draws for names, learning from how SideShow is handling their SDCC exclusives, etc to avoid long line up.

A7:我々はまだ我々はいくつかの負のフィードバックを聞いて、この新しいシステムをワークアウト、かなりの時間を費やしてきた?私たちは意図的に、顧客が(強く求めを配るためには、多額の香港での需要の錯覚で)時間も並んでた疑う噂があります。ホットトイズは、偉大な販売数を持っていると我々は表面的な行為のこの種を必要としません。我々は時間と規則の表示ブースを構築するために多くの労力を費やしています。なぜ我々は、ビューをブロックブースの前でラインアップを持っているしたいと思う?私達は私達のブランドや製品と非常に確信しています。私は状況が転売屋が増えて買いだめして、高価格でそれらを再販売している間、それは私たちの排他的な製品を購入することができませんでした忠実な顧客の多くが発生していると思います。これは深く、これはあまりにも自分のイメージに影響を与え、大会で売られている限定された排他的な版のいずれかのタイプを中止することを決定する方法についての感覚の問題で香港アニコンにつながる私たちのイメージが破損していた。我々は、彼らが我々は、これらの独占を配布するための新しい方法を考えた理由である言うことに同意します。 (サンディエゴ・コミコンでのサイドショウに似て、”サイト上で買う””予約する”とすることで)があり転売屋を停止する方法は本当にませんし、我々は忠実な顧客にこれらの貴重なおもちゃを購入するの公正な機会を提供するために全力を尽くす。私たちは、サイドショウとは、長蛇の列を避けるために、彼らのサンディエゴ・コミコンの独占などを処理する方法から学び、名にランダムに描画します。


Q8: Can you comment about Hot Toys recent crossover with Hong Kong‘s famous comic artist Ma Wing Shing and the collaboration action figure – Cloud from his StormRjders comic?
A8: It‘s been a challenging task and we‘re working under a lot of stress but it’s not coming from Mr. Ma though. He’s been very easy to work with. The stress came from our own dissatisfaction. Our team is full of Mr. Ma’s hardcore fans and we know there are improvements we can do here and there. Just the other day we got a few feed backs from Mr. Ma, commenting on places we can tweak and that’s what we will make happen It won‘t go into production until we are truly satisfied. It’s just hard to accurately capture a 2D comic character in 3D format A lot of collectors commented on how disappointed they felt with Hot Toy’s comic style figures (the figures based on City Hunter manga series). A lot of times the original creator was invoked and they have their own perspective of how their manga characters(2D) should look Rice in 3D style Just for an example, we were producing the Saeba Ryo figure and the original creator has a very specific idea in his mind and that’s how he wants his character to look. We. don‘t have much control With that. In Japan, the original creator is highly respected and we should satisfy his requests.

Q8:あなたは、香港の有名な漫画家、馬栄成とコラボレーションアクションフィギュアとホットトイズの最近のクロスオーバーについてコメントすることができます – 馬氏のコミック風雲(ストームライダーズ)から?


Q9: We’ve read in magazine interviews that a figure based on the character Wind is planned.(StormRiders is a comic based on 2 protagonist Wind & Cloud) Is this true”?
A9: It all depends on how well received our Cloud figure will be. But I can tell you a second version of Cloud might be closer than you think Still it wont be in the near future because we are dealing with a lot of different products( licenses). We will do our best This project means a lot to us, just like the announcement of The Crow. No matter how busy we are, we still want to make a The Crow figure.



Q10: Recently a lot of collectors are wondering the chance for us to see more versions of Joker.
A10: First, I want to say that I was not trying to deceive anyone but we’ve been talking with Warner Brothers and it seems like there have. been more negotiations. So it might be possible for another Joker figure.



Q11: Then which version of Joker do you have in mind.
A11: Any version is possible right now. Feel free to speculate.
(note: Hot Toys have announced that they have license of Batman TV show, The Dark Knight and Arkham City. So really any version is possible)



Q12: This is a question we touch up upon every time. Will Hot Toys be offering new Vip memberships?
A12: It‘s possible. However, it‘s possible that We might start a tier membership system. This means that there‘s going to be different tier. let’s say. Lv1-3 with different benefits. We would like to have more VIP members able to have early access to our pie-ordering but this needs to be carefully thought through. There are too many scalpers out there and it‘s far too easy for them to gain memberships, We want to have a complete system planned out first We are welcoming the idea of offering new memberships.